About Us


John McLarty & Lisa Law

Lisa grew up in Markham, Ontario and as a CGA, held the position of Controller in several multinational companies.  Always longing to be outdoors working in a garden or on a farm, she never dreamed that one day she would be part owner of a vineyard and winery.  With a garden of 5,200 grape vines to be tended, Lisa enjoys being outside and helping every step of the way: from pruning, to grape harvesting, and everything in between.

John was raised, and worked, on general and tobacco farms in South Western Ontario.  As a Chemical Engineer, John worked the majority of his career in manufacturing management positions.

A passion for wine, food and travel brought John and Lisa together more than a decade ago, and this same passion brought them to Nova Scotia in 2010.  They fell in love with Nova Scotia immediately.

“Nova Scotia has it all, beautiful scenery, wonderful people, great food, an abundance of history, and, most importantly, an up and coming wine industry.”

Owning and running a winery was a dream for John that had developed during visits to vineyards and wineries across Europe.  After having opportunities to talk to vineyard owners and winemakers, he truly began to understand wine and all that was involved.

“Planting a vineyard and setting up a winery from scratch is certainly not for the faint of heart. The combination of our life experiences, including science, engineering, manufacturing management, financial management and agricultural backgrounds have all been utilized in putting together Planters Ridge’s vineyard and winery operation.”

John and Lisa place great importance on both the vineyard and the customer experience.  While they believe that great wine is grown in the vineyard, creating a comfortable, inviting, and educational atmosphere are also top priorities in their artisanal winery.